Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on SubwareSoft. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. SubwareSoft Forum Rules:

    Key rules to follow:
    • Use proper grammar and punctuation.
    • Be respectful to fellow forum goers. Insults and prejudiced comments will not be tolerated.
    • Only post if you have something worthwhile to share. This goes double for bumping old topics.
    • Don’t request or provide links to any commercial ROMs.
    • Do not disobey any reasonable requests of the forum Administrator or Moderators.
    • Do not attempt to post links to (or downloads of) illegal materials. This will result in post removal and a ban.
    Pretty simple, right? These are the most important rules. If you obey these, and use common sense, you’ll be fine. These issues and others will be addressed in greater detail below. If you have any doubt at all, please take the time to read this post in its entirety:

    • Keep spelling mistakes to a minimum. We will forgive you if you can't spell big complicated words, but just try your best. Take your time and proof read your posts.
    • Capitalise the words at the beginning of a sentence, and use commas and full-stops/periods where appropriate. Type like you care about what you’re saying.
    • Avoid using internet abbreviations, such as "lol" as part of your regular vocabulary here. They are silly.
    • Only post if you have something constructive to say. If your reply is three words or less, chances are it's not worth posting.
    • Use smilies in moderation. We have them for a reason, but please don't overuse them.
    • Avoid double-posting. If you have something more to say, just edit it into your previous post.
    • Don't post in or 'bump' old topics if you have nothing significant to add. If you have some radical new theory relating to the subject, or there is some more news worth talking about, then it is okay.
    • Avoid editing your post once someone has replied to it. Doing so can make the topic confusing to read.
    • If you have something to say to one particular user, don't start a new topic. That's why we have "[fix=Private messages]PMs[/fix]".
    • If you are going to go all out against someone in a debate, backup what you're saying with intelligent information. If you don't have a case, you'll lose the argument.
    • Don't post just to raise your rank. You will be banned.
    • Please keep all posts on-topic. Posting for the sake of humour alone is acceptable in moderation, but if it leads a topic off-topic, you are likely to have your posts removed.
    • Please avoid quoting an entire post, especially if you are posting directly beneath, or if the quoted post is of multiple lines in length.
    Topic Starting:
    • Don't start topics that are more-or-less identical to ones already in existence. We need only one.
    • When starting a topic, make sure it's in the right discussion/subforum. The admins/mods will fix it for you every once in a while, but please try to pay attention to what you're doing.
    Regarding Illegal Content:
    • Do not provide, request, post, or provide links to any pirated software.
    • Do not provide, request, post, or provide links to pornography of any type.
    • Illegal materials in general are prohibited and will NOT be tolerated.
    • If you had the gall to pirate one of our products, you will NOT receive help with the program.
    Game ROMs:
    • General discussion of ROMs is fine.
    • Posting ROM-altering IPS or UPS patches is also fine.
    • Discussion of homebrew is also OK, as it is still technically legal.
    • Don't talk about how to download ROMs from sites, or about how you downloaded them, etc.
    • Do not provide, request, post, or provide links to any commercial ROMs. This is a bannable offense.
    Game ROM Dis-Assemblies:
    • A full ROM dis-assembly still counts as a full ROM. Do not request, post, or provide links to these either.
      No whole-game disassemblies (or substantial portions, as defined by site staff) will be allowed. Whole-game disassemblies turn into the runnable game, even if there are no graphics included, and this is considered too substantial for sharing on our forum.

      Very specific code snippets (ASM or otherwise), and notable routines/documentation (and discussion of these), are still allowed.
      Discussion of disassemblies is also OK; but if you distribute or link to them (even by PM) you are breaking the rules.

    Thank you for taking the time to read these rules and guidelines. Most of it is common sense, so they should be easy to remember and abide by. Of course, every rule has its exceptions. Any user who speaks English as their second language will be given breaks for spelling mistakes, etc. Also, we understand that mistakes happen, and we aren’t too strict. If you just abide by the rules cheerfully, you will have a good stay here.


    If you are Banned
    • Do not pester us to have your account reinstated.
    • Generally, bans will only be temporary (1 week, 1 month, etc.)
    • Do not register a different account. We will ban you again, and for longer than before.